Cloud based automation testing

Published: 16 Jul 2018

How Automation over the Cloud Can Drive Business Efficiency

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2022

Digitalization is transforming the business landscape to a great extent. Optimal utilization of resources has become crucial for every enterprise these days, necessitating the need for Automation Testing. Automation Testing is an essential subset of software testing. It can accelerate the process of software validation and increase testing coverage.

Contents 1. Challenges of Automation testing 2. The Need for Cloud-Based Automation 3. Benefits of Cloud-Based Automation 4. Conclusion

Here we stumble across an important question. What is it that makes automation so important yet challenging for organizations? Here are some major challenges.

Challenges of Automation testing

1. High Upfront Investment Cost: Automation testing, no doubt, is crucial and useful in most agile environments. Though, when looking at the cost, there are many concerns. The early phase of test automation is generally expensive.

2. Distributed Automated Testing: Managing and distributing the workload becomes imperative for every project. Executing several automated scripts in a shorter window requires a lot of resources and machines for parallel execution. Setting up the required number of machines with execution environment can hamper the overall schedule and RoI from automation. Hence, there is a crucial need for cloud-based automation systems.

3. Effective Communication and Collaboration in Team: As enterprises have different teams spread globally, communication and collaboration among teams become difficult. This is possibly a major challenge in test automation as it demands more communication and collaboration.


The Need for Cloud-Based Automation


With the expansion of cloud technology and businesses inclined towards increased acceptance of workflows, cloud-based test automation has gained high power among QA and software testing specialists and has led to a momentous revolution in the software development lifecycle.

The adoption of cloud-based automation comes with several benefits such as time and cost-effectiveness, real-time collaboration, test environment compatibility, easy access to resources, environments & platforms support, and a faster time to market. These are the elaborated benefits of Cloud-based automation testing.

Cloud based automation testing benefits & tips1. Real-Time Collaboration Cloud-based automation testing helps QA Analysts to collaborate in real-time with each other as they have a higher availability of tools and test suites. Similarly, cloud-based automation testing tools provide extensive adaptability and effective partnership mostly for businesses with different teams spread globally.

2. Test Environment Compatibility There is zero setup time required to setup Cloud-based automation testing tools since everything is pre-designed and there is no need for any installations for the automation testing tools. The complete arrangement of testing tools is incorporated into one solution.

3. Time and Cost Effectiveness Cloud-based automated testing tools offer extensibility to bring on-board the resources exactly as per their needs, therefore the payment is made only for the resources utilized in the project. Since the infrastructure is simulated, it can be set up easily with some variations in the configuration.

4. Faster Time to Market Cloud-based automation testing reduces time-to-market to a great extent. Numerous benefits involved with cloud-based automation testing offer easy building of real-time reports, testing infrastructure, comprehensive collaboration, which helps in increasing the speed of development and testing process.

Cloud Based mobile testing Infrastructure


Automation results in improved resource utilization, workload management, and IT operations. This is the key reason for enterprises to choose cloud-based automation solutions at such a fast pace. An organization striving to achieve dynamic business operations should choose cloud-based automation testing as their prime resource.

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