DevSecOps and Automated Security Testing

Published: 05 Jul 2017

DevSecOps – Automating Security into the Testing Process

Last Updated: 30 Dec 2022

The modern approach towards software testing has changed the traditional way of doing testing and has come a long way in making testing automated and integral. This new testing approach has allowed developers to invest more time adding value by looking at the problem areas rather than running tests by hand.

Contents 1. Role of DevSecOps 2. Automated Security Testing is the Solution 3. TestingXperts’ Solution- DevSecOps

Role of DevSecOps

After all these improvements, businesses are struggling to get security effectively integrated into the system. There are various tools available to assure security into the systems, but they are still not to the point of being the only route to test. These security and compliance issues are seen as road blocks that slow down the deployment.

According to a recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, people experience decision fatigue when asked to make more security decisions than are manageable. 

Security teams of all sizes receive nearly 17,000 alerts every week. This statistic represents that an organization would have to review nearly 1,700 alerts per week with 10 dedicated security personnel.

According to a study by Ponemon, On an average, 29 percent of all malware alerts received by their security operations team are investigated, and an average of 40 percent are considered to be false positives.

If security teams receive more alerts than they can address, how can we expect them to successfully find the real threat among a huge number of possible threats?

Automated Security Testing is the Solution!

Automated application security testingcan help in preventing many of the standard attacks , of which SQL injection is one of the examples. These days, an automated tool informing the DevOps team to fix a whole sea of vulnerabilities is considered to be easy than the security team doing the same thing. The burden of informing DevOps team about all the alerts can be reduced by the new automated tools that are getting better day by day.

Automation tools not only support in covering the employee time gap but also covers the skills gap. If a tool can check the whole deploy environment for your preferred cloud environment at the time of deployment, it becomes a huge relief for the testers on having complete knowledge about the security features of the given cloud environment. The overall result of automation would increase security position for the business.

DevSecOps Way to Ensure Security

TestingXperts’ Solution- DevSecOps

We all are aware of the importance of security of our organizations. We all know security does not really have the staff it needs. DevOps is the perfect solution to this puzzle. Organizations should start looking how your DevOps effort can include security. For this reason, it is important to have a reliable software security testing vendor.

TestingXperts’ team of security experts understand that DevOps is a mindset and cultural change, collaborating development and operations teams into an ongoing and seamless agile process. DevOps is not as simple as it looks, it requires perfect planning, association, and extensive tools and methodologies. TestingXperts has extensive expertise in Security Testing Services for mobile web applications and software products.

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