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    Query Surge

    We are proud to announce our partnership with QuerySurge which is the leading Data Testing solution built specifically to automate the testing of Data Warehouses & Big Data. QuerySurge makes it really easy for both novices and experienced team members to validate their organization’s data quickly, analyzing and pinpointing data differences while providing both real-time and historical views of your data’s health.

  • smartbear-logo

    Smart Bear

    We are proud to announce our partnership with SmartBear to support our specialized software testing services. SmartBear tools ensure the quality and performance of APIs, desktop, mobile, web and cloud-based apps. Over 3 million software professionals and 25,000 organizations across 194 countries use SmartBear tools regularly.

  • perfecto-logo

    Perfecto Mobile

    We proudly partner with Perfecto Mobile and provide remote access and automated testing solutions for mobile devices to our clients. Perfecto Mobile’s Handset Cloud service enables developers and testers located anywhere in the world to access, via the Internet, a comprehensive range of the latest mobile handsets. Users can use the Perfecto Mobile handsets to develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services.

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    Microsoft Partner

    We are proud to have attained Microsoft Certified Partner status and hold competencies in Application Development, Application Lifecycle Management, Collaboration and Content, Mobility, Application Integration and Business Intelligence.