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Security Threats Are Haunting the E-commerce Industry. How Can Security Testing Help

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Posted on : 9:14 pm on 20/08/2018

Cybersecurity has become one of the crucial features of the e-commerce industry. Without maintaining proper security practices, online merchants put themselves and their customers at high risk for payment fraud. Smaller companies have a higher risk of security scams due to inadequate internet security from cybercrimes. According to recent reports, one in five small business retailers falls prey to credit card fraud every year. Not just hacking, but accepting fraudulent payment has also become a huge risk for all e-commerce companies. These security issues not only cause financial consequences but also hamper a brand’s reputation. Especially at the time of

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Key Challenges in Testing Financial Applications

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Posted on : 7:39 pm on 20/03/2017

Testing of any financial application is crucial to establish its reliability and proficiency. Banking institutions have introduced a wide array of financial services to meet growing customer expectations, and this has increased the need for quick consolidation and continuous availability. The financial services sector has been a front-runner in scaling and adapting to the IT changes as and when they occurred. It is, therefore, no surprise that Digital Transformation has been indicated by the future digital initiatives and trends like P2P transfers, Mobile Wallets, Ping Pay, Omni-Channel Banking, etc. to be the prospect of the BFSI industry. The financial domain

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