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Achieve Next-Level of QA Innovations with Domain Specialization

Domain testing services & QA testing
QA testing Web applications

Posted on : 2:26 pm on 28/05/2018

Quality Assurance practices over the past years have experienced many waves of innovation, be it test automation or methods to optimize testing. With changing times, the QA function as we knew it transformed and the focus shifted to: – Meeting the essential compliance and regulatory standards – Requirements coverage referring to code coverage – Giving utmost importance to customer experience Earlier, QA industry had a horizontal focus and was indifferent to business domains. However, it is turning out to be an industry where specialization in domains is a must. Therefore, it is important for QA teams to have profound knowledge

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5 Reasons why investing in penetration testing is important- Infographic

Infographics - Reasons You Need Security Penetration Testing Services
Infographic Security Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 10/05/2018

A pen test is generally performed to find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does. Sometimes, the IT department is aware of the reported vulnerabilities but still needs an external expert to officially report them so that the management is sure of the vulnerabilities and can fix them properly. Having a second set of eyes to corroborate all the vulnerabilities is always a good security practice. Let’s find out the reasons why performing pen-testing is important.  

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Top 10 Cybersecurity Facts, Figures, and Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Security Testing

Posted on : 6:48 pm on 29/03/2017

In today’s interconnected world, the damage caused due to an online security breach is known to all. The reputation of a brand gets at stake if the hackers gain access to their corporate systems. Keeping the data safe and away from hackers is the prime objective of today’s enterprises. In this infographic, we will discuss the top cyber security facts and statistics and how security testing can help.

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5 reasons for taking the road to Automated Testing

Automation Testing Infographic Test Automation

Posted on : 11:32 am on 26/11/2015

5 reasons for taking the road to Automated Testing. We have listed these top 5 reasons why you should consider automated testing. Read this infographic to know more.

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