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How to improve your Application’s Performance on Black Friday

Improve your Application’s Performance on Black Friday with TestingXperts
Automation Testing Black Friday Testing Performance Testing

Posted on : 7:43 pm on 13/11/2017

Application failures on Black Friday can cause a negative impact on the revenue and reputation of the company. There are many renowned e-commerce companies that have faced this distress and have had a major setback during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Taking into consideration the previous years’ statistics, performance testing has to be more robust for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Though it is extremely challenging to survive through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, an extensive performance testing strategy can make it easier to achieve our goals successfully. Let us discuss the best performance management strategies that can make

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Containerization: Accelerate DevOps Adoption using Containers

Accelerating DevOps Adoption Using Containers
Containers DevOps QA

Posted on : 7:39 pm on 18/09/2017

The last few years have witnessed an insistent acceptance of new method named ‘Containers’ as organizations wish to deal with disruption at a faster pace. Containers have been around in the IT world for over a decade now, but the arrival of Docker made them more popular as it re-invented containers by adding a robust platform, integrated management tools, and code registry. What are ‘Containers’ and why do we need them? Containers are the answer to the common problems faced by software to run consistently while moving from one computing environment to the other. This could be from a developer’s

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A Leading Logistics Solutions Company in the US Chooses TestingXperts as their DevOps Advisor and Testing Partner

Posted on : 7:42 pm on 09/08/2017

TestingXperts (Tx) partners with a leading logistics solutions company in the US to support end-to-end testing of their applications and setting up of a DevOps framework. The client is an integrated logistics solutions provider, providing key support services across the US and to other foreign agencies. The project involves formalizing and standardizing QA processes for the client’s application by supporting them in their agile and DevOps journey. Tx will be assessing the areas of agile processes and methodologies, testing strategy, processes, tools and test competency for assessing the readiness to help client adopt DevOps framework across their key business lines,

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Enable a Future-Ready Global Enterprise with a Core-Flex Model

Future-Ready Global Enterprise with a Core-Flex Model (Redefining TCOE),
Engagement Models

Posted on : 4:27 pm on 08/08/2017

Business enterprises across the globe are facing common challenges of unpredictability in their business environment, augmented client expectations, technology upgrades. As business grows, a company’s QA needs do not grow in the same linear fashion. There are peaks and valleys in the staffing needs. Businesses that try to manage these needs with internal staffing solutions encounter  challenges such as: – Overstaffing during the valleys – resulting in wasted cost – Understaffing during the peak – longer time to market, resulting in lost opportunity – Pulling non-QA resources into to QA – resulting in opportunity cost (i.e. not doing the other

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7 Types of Tools to Make your DevOps Right – Infographic

Agile Testing DevOps QA Infographic Test Automation

Posted on : 8:16 pm on 18/07/2017

DevOps has become a popular methodology of collaboration in today’s technological world. DevOps is the combination of development, operations, and QA, promoting a clear communication and collaboration between individuals and teams. The differences between the developers and the operations teams are well known to all. However, with the advent of DevOps, the battle lines have been erased to a certain extent. DevOps has been moving rapidly from being a concept to reality and enhancing the business impact, speed, and quality of the application delivery. Many organizations are shifting to DevOps to reach the continuous delivery stage and to achieve agility

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DevSecOps – Automating Security into the Testing Process

DevSecOps and Automated Security Testing
DevOps QA Security Testing

Posted on : 6:32 pm on 05/07/2017

The modern approach towards software testing has changed the traditional way of doing testing and has come a long way in making testing automated and integral. This new testing approach has allowed developers to invest more time adding value by looking at the problem areas rather than running tests by hand. After all these improvements, businesses are struggling to get security effectively integrated into the system. There are various tools available to assure security into the systems, but they are still not to the point of being the only route to test. These security and compliance issues are seen as

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6 Best Practices to ensure that your application is ready for Black Friday

Black Friday Testing Performance Testing

Posted on : 1:57 pm on 04/10/2016

Black Friday is just around the corner and has made retailers fret about how to increase their revenue. This day is considered to be the busiest shopping day of the year, since 2005. It is that time of the year when customers are able to avail great offers on many products. Every year, there is a significant increase in the online retail sales. According to a report by IBM Watson Trend, the online sales for Black Friday increased by over 21.5% for the same day in 2014. In 2015, the average order value for mobile and desktop of the Black

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