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Scriptless Test Automation: Transforming Software Testing

Scriptless Automation Testing Services
Automation Testing

Posted on : 4:43 pm on 09/07/2018

In recent years, there were several changes in the world of technology. The same has happened in the software testing world where Test Automation has evolved to facilitate rapid software releases at the highest quality. Automation has always been interesting, as it reduces the mundane testing efforts and accelerates the testing process. These days, almost every organization is automating test cases. However, the ROI is not always well anticipated. Often, the tools are blamed for the negative ROI, yet the real reason associated with failed test automation are the long hours required to create the test automation suite, the need

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5 Reasons Why Penetration Testing is Important

Need for Penetration Security Testing Services
Agile Testing Automation Testing Penetration Testing Security Testing Software Testing

Posted on : 8:31 pm on 20/11/2017

Cybersecurity has become the prime concern for every service organization these days. Organizations, unacquainted with the cyber-attacks and the harm it can cause to the systems are falling prey to these attacks. Therefore, the most appropriate way to secure the organization is to focus on comprehensive security testing techniques. The effective testing approach to assess the current security posture of the system is known as penetration testing also known as ‘Pen-Testing’. What is Pen-Testing Pen-testing aims to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the system which may impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data by emulating a real attack.

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Automated Testing: Challenges worth Accepting and Testing

Automated Testing Challenges and Acceptance testing
Agile Testing Regression Testing Test Automation

Posted on : 6:47 pm on 04/09/2017

At the face of it, automation of acceptance testing is a compelling idea but watch out for the caution-areas lying on some fringes Automated tests have defined new frontiers of speed and velocity while bringing quality-related relief for software requirements. They are especially useful when the pace of development needs these aspects: – Super-fast cycles – The GTM (Go-to-Market) window can be suitably reduced – Continuous delivery is relevant – Automation can eke out shrinkage of feedback loops – Impact of comprehensive-requirement-validation is high Software release cycles assume a different momentum altogether when automated tests come into play. The ‘Acceptance’

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Achieve Quality at Speed with ‘Tx-Automate’ – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tx-Automate-‘Ready-to-Deploy’ Test Automation Framework
Infographic Test Automation

Posted on : 7:38 pm on 27/07/2017

Implementing automated testing has become a necessity to meet today’s agile environment. Repetition of software tests during the development cycles is needed to ensure quality. However, repeating the tests manually can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, automated tests are preferred as they can be run over and over again at no additional cost and are agile than manual tests. QA managers have started implementing automated testing for accomplishing their tight regression testing cycles. The major advantage of automated tests is their capability to reduce the time from days to hours to run repetitive tests. However, still, various QA managers and

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How important is Performance Engineering for Better Business Outputs

Performance Testing for Better Business Outputs
Performance Testing Test Automation

Posted on : 3:58 pm on 24/07/2017

Companies have been investing significantly in building next-generation platforms and products using new technologies. However, most companies leave the assurance for performance and scalability for quite late in the development cycle or do not test enough. This could lead to disruption in services and can profoundly impact the brand image, customer loyalty, and revenue. If a website is undergoing poor performance, customers will have no choice but to explore alternate channels. As a good website experience is like a worthy brand, once lost, it becomes challenging to retain the customers. Considering the importance of speed-to-market for the success of the

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Telematics Driving Usage-Based Auto Insurance

Digital Testing Test Advisory Services Test Automation

Posted on : 7:40 pm on 22/02/2017

The new age automotive environment is presenting significant challenges for satellite navigation systems. High user demands are conflicting with the need for low-cost systems and complex signal environments. These days GPS positioning is usually accompanied by dead reckoning or additional inertial sensors to improve performance. Telematics: The Perfect Example of Technology Advancement Auto Insurance companies have relied on factors like credit-based insurance scores and the age of the driver to decide premiums as the actual driving behavior was not visible. Changes in the driving patterns took long enough to reflect in the premiums imposed. The arrival of telematics has changed

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Importance of Software Testing in the Insurance Sector

blog: Importance of Software Testing in the Insurance Sector
Internet of things Test Automation

Posted on : 1:47 pm on 13/02/2017

Global insurers are hugely investing in latest technologies to reduce costs and improve customer retention. Digital transformation has become the most disruptive factor in the industry, making it important for companies to embrace eBusiness strategies and increase their online presence to mobile and web platforms. These strategies include building digital offerings and business models, digitizing the customer experience, and enhancing in-house capabilities. Insurers have been facing several challenges in meeting the changing behavior of customers and their outlook in terms of products and services. However, the main challenge is to adapt the legacy IT systems and architectures to the needs

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Migration from HP UFT to Selenium – What are the Returns?

Blog: twitter-migration-from-hp-to-uft-selenium
Selenium Test Automation

Posted on : 7:11 pm on 30/01/2017

Test Automation has been facilitating enterprises to accelerate the process of testing and realize maximum test coverage. Enterprises have made significant investments over a period of time in buying tools and building test automation suites. As the application landscapes grow more complex with the introduction and expansion of digital systems, the licensing costs for COTS tools become increasingly high to justify the RoI. Nowadays enterprises are progressively inclining towards open source frameworks instead of investing in licensed testing tool, especially for digital applications for which open source tools provide excellent support. Open source tools are loaded with significant features that

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Ensure Continuous Delivery in Agile Testing Cycles with Test Automation

Blog: Ensure-continuous-delivery-in-agile-testing-cycles-with-test-automation
Agile Testing Test Automation

Posted on : 1:51 pm on 18/01/2017

Quality @ speed is what every enterprise strives for these days. With increasing business demands to accelerate time-to-market, more and more companies have started migrating from traditional development methods to continuous delivery that are based on agile philosophy. This modern approach allows software to be developed and deployed in short cycles. Companies are rapidly embracing agile practices to accelerate the application delivery to cope with the strict demands of the market. The modern landscape of software testing not only focuses on speedy delivery but also necessitates quality. It becomes imperative for the companies to follow a continuous schedule that encourages

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Why adopt Test Automation in Agile Testing?

Test Automation Blog
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Posted on : 1:22 pm on 05/08/2016

The popular idiom, ‘Being an early bird is better than being a night owl’, is taken quite literally in today’s digital era. The ever-rising trend of digital transformation coupled with the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices has mandated organizations to find extensive ways to meet faster delivery cycles and achieve better business results. It has become critical to detect defects, which arises due to continuous changes being introduced during agile development, early on in the development cycle. Hence, organizations are migrating towards test automation to ensure thorough and continuous testing of applications. Automation, in any arena, increases productivity and reduces cost.

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