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How AI Can Be Leveraged In All Aspects Of Testing

Artificial intelligence In Software Testing
Artificial Intelligence

Posted on : 9:46 pm on 12/11/2018

QA has become a critical enabler for businesses that are in the digital space. To achieve digital transformation businesses should embrace the latest technologies in their software development process and build a strong data engineering foundation to fuel innovation. In this article, let’s look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged in various aspects of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Engineering (QE), to increase speed in software development and ultimately help businesses achieve digital transformation. According to the latest World Quality Report 2018-19 AI is going to be among the biggest trends in QA & testing for the next

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Why Technology Startups Should Not Ignore Software Testing

Software testing services for startups
Software Testing

Posted on : 8:24 pm on 17/09/2018

According to Statista, in 2012, testing and quality assurance consumed 18% of IT companies’ budget that has now reached to 39% and will be 40% in 2019.  Established companies have started realizing the importance of software testing. However, there is a dire need for technology startups to follow the same. Technology startups often face uncertainties and funding roadblocks. However, there is a great reason for startups to opt Software Testing; and the reason is Quality. While a few bugs early in the software development phase might not seem a big deal, but software defects are known to be costly post

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3 Major Trends Driving Change in the Banking Sector

Significance of Software Testing Services in Banking Industry
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Posted on : 1:59 pm on 30/10/2017

Banks and other financial institutions have been facing deep disruption in the form of new regulatory pressures and evolving market demands. They are reconsidering their established processes, priorities, and products, in order to lay the foundations for future success. As digital transformation is in full swing, software is regarded as the key to success. Most of the banks have started to hire a fully-fledged team of software developers. The challenge lies in creating high-quality and innovative customer experiences at the speed with which the market is moving, while remaining submissive with shifting market guidelines. Major Trends Driving Change in the

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