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Why Technology Startups Should Not Ignore Software Testing

Software testing services for startups
Software Testing

Posted on : 8:24 pm on 17/09/2018

According to Statista, in 2012, testing and quality assurance consumed 18% of IT companies’ budget that has now reached to 39% and will be 40% in 2019.  Established companies have started realizing the importance of software testing. However, there is a dire need for technology startups to follow the same. Technology startups often face uncertainties and funding roadblocks. However, there is a great reason for startups to opt Software Testing; and the reason is Quality. While a few bugs early in the software development phase might not seem a big deal, but software defects are known to be costly post

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6 Keys to Build Business Agility- Infographic

Agile software testing Services
Agile Testing Software Testing

Posted on : 5:20 pm on 11/07/2018

Today’s fast-paced technology-centric world presents opportunities and threats at every turn. It has become challenging to practice agile development no matter how big or small an organization you are. To become sustainable in this disruptive environment, agility is key. Here are the 6 keys to build business agility. Want to Download this Infographic? Click here

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How Outsourcing QA Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Business

Outsourcing Quality Assurance Services
QA Outsourcing Software Testing

Posted on : 8:12 pm on 04/06/2018

Software testing from a business perspective can be a challenging task unless it is supported by the right resources. For software to be failsafe, QA or software testing is important, and hence, outsourcing this task to a specialist company eases the burden to a great extent. Earlier, outsourcing was just a technique used to cut down costs. However, in recent times, it has become an effective strategy for achieving better business objectives. Assigning the task of Quality Assurance to a specialist QA and software testing company having relevant experience in this domain accelerates the entire Software Development process, ensuring productivity,

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