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How Penetration Testing Could Help Reduce The GDPR Impact On Tech Companies

Security penetration testing services & GDPR
GDPR Compliance Testing Security Testing

Posted on : 7:07 pm on 15/10/2018

Online data privacy has always been a concern for many organizations, governments and web users. Users are demanding the transparency on the usage of their personal data by organizations that store and process it, especially after seeing an increased rate of data breaches in the recent past. Recently, Google has announced to shut down the consumer version of Google+ after falling prey to a Data Breach. The security of information in Google+ was compromised, which led Google to shut down its service. Read the full news here. If the world’s most trusted technology giant like Google can fall prey to

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Security Threats Are Haunting the E-commerce Industry. How Can Security Testing Help

Automated Security testing companies for ecommerce industry
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Posted on : 9:14 pm on 20/08/2018

Cybersecurity has become one of the crucial features of the e-commerce industry. Without maintaining proper security practices, online merchants put themselves and their customers at high risk for payment fraud. Smaller companies have a higher risk of security scams due to inadequate internet security from cybercrimes. According to recent reports, one in five small business retailers falls prey to credit card fraud every year. Not just hacking, but accepting fraudulent payment has also become a huge risk for all e-commerce companies. These security issues not only cause financial consequences but also hamper a brand’s reputation. Especially at the time of

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Shift-Left Security: Assuring Security Early in the Delivery Pipeline

Shifting Left With Security Testing Services
Security Testing

Posted on : 8:25 pm on 02/07/2018

The advent of DevOps has made the concept of “shift-left” familiar to the software development and testing industry. However, the effectiveness of the shift left concept is not just limited to QA. Security teams can also benefit greatly from shifting security operations to the left. What is shift left? Before penetrating into the details of shift-left security, let’s discover the shift-left concept and identify its importance. Shift-left is a simple term for a complex task. Simply put, shifting left is positioning a process that is performed later in the development cycle to a point early in the delivery lifecycle. The

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