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Digital Testing: The Next Frontier of Mobile Testing

Digital Testing services| the next frontier of mobile testing
Digital Testing Mobile Testing

Posted on : 8:12 pm on 20/05/2019

Folding the pages of some recent headlines throws an interesting pattern. Netflix is fiddling with mobile-only plans for countries like India and leaning heavily towards local content, while, Amazon is testing video ads for expanding product reach and mobile search on the Apple iOS version of its shopping app (with the possibility of getting into Google’s Android mobile operating system space soon). This is not a recent move. Even when it reaped a considerable chunk of brands shifting to Amazon for search budgets and for advertising-on-the-site, Amazon embraced a change that was risky but worth betting upon. This ‘mobility’ move

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Automation to Assist Mobile Testing – Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Mobile Automation Testing with TestingXperts
Mobile Testing

Posted on : 7:13 pm on 10/09/2018

5 Min Read –  Strong digital presence and real-time engagement with customers is the need for many companies across all industries. According to a report by Statista, as of 2018, global mobile population is accounted for 3.7 billion unique mobile internet users. It means, mobile applications are one of the fastest and reliable ways for these companies to rely on, to have a strong digital presence and interact with the end-users effortlessly. Mobile applications are getting highly interactive and innovative, and require frequent updates to keep users engaged. Being able to ensure quality of mobile application updates for the end

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6 Keys to Build Business Agility- Infographic

Agile software testing Services
Agile Testing Software Testing

Posted on : 5:20 pm on 11/07/2018

Today’s fast-paced technology-centric world presents opportunities and threats at every turn. It has become challenging to practice agile development no matter how big or small an organization you are. To become sustainable in this disruptive environment, agility is key. Here are the 6 keys to build business agility. Want to Download this Infographic? Click here

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Mobile App Automation: How Appium can add Value to your Application

Blog: Mobile App Automation
Mobile Testing

Posted on : 6:52 pm on 01/05/2017

Mobile App Automation: How Appium can add Value to your Application Mobile is undoubtedly the biggest medium to reach consumers and the credit for this revolution goes to the arrival of smartphones. Smartphones have brought businesses with unprecedented access to their consumer base by introducing consumer friendly mobile applications and organizations are slowly moving towards digitizing most of their user touch points. There is a stiff competition between organizations to be the first one to offer new functions and features to consumers and this requires fast-paced IT efforts at their end. This is further complicated due to consumers using different

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[Infographic] Digital Testing for E-commerce: Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Digital Testing for eCommerce
Black Friday Testing Digital Testing Infographic Mobile Testing Performance Testing Usability Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 21/11/2016

The E-commerce industry always demands innovation and exclusivity to draw the attention of the customers. Today’s digital consumers want all the services available to them at the click of a button and enterprises are feeding their ever-growing demands. Rolling out a customized experience to the users at rapid pace beating competition is the need of the hour to keep your business growing. The quality of your e-commerce applications plays a key role in the end user experience, and even minor issues can impact the sales volumes. The infographic displays the challenges faced by this industry and how to overcome the

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Samsung Note 7 Battery Disaster Goes Beyond Imagination- Will Mobile Testing Help?

Mobile Testing Performance Testing Samsung Battery

Posted on : 7:12 pm on 18/10/2016

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had the worst debut that any smartphone has experienced in recent times. Samsung launched its new phone (a worthy successor to the Note legacy) with the same excitement and expectations but the battery issue seems to have given sleepless nights to Samsung. Alas! The Korean tech giant had to experience the embarrassment of having to recall and replace all the phones they sold. While the confirmed faults of the Galaxy Note 7 are few, Samsung is still erring on the side of caution. However, this has turned out to be a corporate disaster for

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