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Domain knowledge importance in software testing

Posted on : 7:58 pm on 27/09/2018

Earlier, QA industry had a horizontal focus and was same across various business domains. But, today the industry inclined towards specialization; to be precise the domain specialization has become a must. This verticalization of QA industry is bridging the gap between business users and IT teams, thus, helping increase the significance of the work/product delivered to end users. Therefore, it is important for QA teams to have a profound knowledge of their business domain before testing an application. To consider QA teams as quality gatekeepers, their understanding of the domain must match the required industry standards. In this infographic, we

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Top 5 Testing Strategies to Overcome Digital Disruption in the Banking Sector- Infographic

Banking Mobile Application testing Services Infographic
Digital Testing Infographic

Posted on : 4:52 pm on 06/06/2018

Digital disruption has been occurring at every level in the banking sector lately. From newer technology to high competition to intensified customer expectations, the banking industry has become increasingly vulnerable. Digital technology, despite its omnipresence, is beginning to penetrate industries. Banks are finding innovative ways to evade the impending risks associated with digital banking. The efficient way to understand and successfully bring the organization from traditional banking to digital banking is by adopting an Omni-Channel approach. Omni-channel is an approach to customer service where all the channels are closely integrated, keeping the customer as the priority. So how does a

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Achieve Quality at Speed with ‘Tx-Automate’ – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tx-Automate-‘Ready-to-Deploy’ Test Automation Framework
Infographic Test Automation

Posted on : 7:38 pm on 27/07/2017

Implementing automated testing has become a necessity to meet today’s agile environment. Repetition of software tests during the development cycles is needed to ensure quality. However, repeating the tests manually can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, automated tests are preferred as they can be run over and over again at no additional cost and are agile than manual tests. QA managers have started implementing automated testing for accomplishing their tight regression testing cycles. The major advantage of automated tests is their capability to reduce the time from days to hours to run repetitive tests. However, still, various QA managers and

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7 Types of Tools to Make your DevOps Right – Infographic

Agile Testing DevOps QA Infographic Test Automation

Posted on : 8:16 pm on 18/07/2017

DevOps has become a popular methodology of collaboration in today’s technological world. DevOps is the combination of development, operations, and QA, promoting a clear communication and collaboration between individuals and teams. The differences between the developers and the operations teams are well known to all. However, with the advent of DevOps, the battle lines have been erased to a certain extent. DevOps has been moving rapidly from being a concept to reality and enhancing the business impact, speed, and quality of the application delivery. Many organizations are shifting to DevOps to reach the continuous delivery stage and to achieve agility

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Usability Testing: The Key to a Flawless User Experience [Infographic]

Usability Testing- Road to Digital Transformation
Infographic Usability Testing

Posted on : 7:39 pm on 24/05/2017

The path to digital transformation is restricted with multiple challenges. Together with delivering a flawless website or application, one of the key challenges that is faced is the changing nature of user expectations. A happy user cannot guarantee another. With the advancement of Omni-channel, users are looking for a comprehensive website/application experience. This has resulted in extreme pressure on enterprises to measure and improve user experience across various modes of usage. However, if a product is properly launched with thorough usability testing, it will help in attracting users and make them stick to your website or application, resulting in a

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Top 10 Cybersecurity Facts, Figures, and Statistics [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Security Testing

Posted on : 6:48 pm on 29/03/2017

In today’s interconnected world, the damage caused due to an online security breach is known to all. The reputation of a brand gets at stake if the hackers gain access to their corporate systems. Keeping the data safe and away from hackers is the prime objective of today’s enterprises. In this infographic, we will discuss the top cyber security facts and statistics and how security testing can help.

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[Infographic] Digital Testing for E-commerce: Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Digital Testing for eCommerce
Black Friday Testing Digital Testing Infographic Mobile Testing Performance Testing Usability Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 21/11/2016

The E-commerce industry always demands innovation and exclusivity to draw the attention of the customers. Today’s digital consumers want all the services available to them at the click of a button and enterprises are feeding their ever-growing demands. Rolling out a customized experience to the users at rapid pace beating competition is the need of the hour to keep your business growing. The quality of your e-commerce applications plays a key role in the end user experience, and even minor issues can impact the sales volumes. The infographic displays the challenges faced by this industry and how to overcome the

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