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FinTech – Overcome the challenges of testing a FinTech application with TestingXperts

Overcome fintech app testing challenges with TestingXperts
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Posted on : 8:33 pm on 05/03/2019

We have discussed FinTech challenges and the growing need for QA in the industry in our first post in this series. In this post, let’s look at ways to overcome the challenges of testing a FinTech application, with TestingXperts’ specialized next-gen FinTech testing solutions. As per some researches done to identify key causes of FinTech software application failures, one of the main reasons turned out to be poor software quality. Therefore, it is critical to carry out stringent QA on FinTech applications to avoid poor quality launch to end users. Placing special attention on testing your Fintech app results in

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Challenges in FinTech and the growing need for QA

Fintech Industry & need of quality assurance services
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Posted on : 10:38 pm on 31/01/2019

Financial Technology – FinTech for short, describes businesses which offer financial products or services to customers by leveraging technology. These businesses aim to offer new tech-driven financial solutions enabling convenience and superior user experience, and ultimately drive innovation in their industry. This revolution in financial technology has brought in many new entrants who are redefining the financial services sector. Large, well-established financial institutions and technology giants are focusing to adapt and re-engineer their existing processes to enhance speed, offer better customer experiences and provide differentiated value to customers. According to the World Fintech Report 2018 by Capgemini and LinkedIn, in

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