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Keyword-driven testing: Why you should use it?

Keyword Driven testing & QA Services
Keyword-driven Testing Software Testing

Posted on : 8:16 pm on 27/11/2018

Every software company tests its software or application before releasing it to the end users. Testing for defects is very crucial for a product’s success. This is one such activity that validates a software or application’s performance, functionality, quality and other important aspects of it. But, as the code base and functionalities added to software/application increase, manual testing alone may become a laborious and time-consuming activity. This is where companies have switched to Test Automation, to improve the efficiency of their product and save time. Automation testing has come a long way in the past few years. Many software companies

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6 Recommendations for Driving Business Value from Test Automation

Automation Testing Services drive business value through QA
Automation Testing Test Automation

Posted on : 6:09 pm on 11/06/2018

The rapid demand for IT organizations to deliver high-quality software at a progressively faster rate has necessitated the shift to agile development and DevOps methodologies. As applications under development become more complex in nature, continuously changing to include new technologies and feature sets, manual testing simply can’t keep up. This rapid shift is driving the need for test automation. Test Automation delivers strong benefits, such as: – Elimination of human error that can occur with manual testing – Shorter test cycle times, enabling shorter delivery times – Improved regression coverage – Improved resource utilization – Consistent testing process – Continuous

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Ensure Software Quality by Achieving Maximum Test Coverage

Improve Test Coverage with QA & Software Testing Services
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Posted on : 8:57 pm on 21/05/2018

Software quality has become indispensable, and test coverage is one of the key indicators to measure software quality. Test coverage is an essential part of software maintenance and assists testers in creating tests that cover areas that are missing or not reachable easily. Test Coverage and Code Coverage Test coverage is often confused with Code Coverage. Although both metrics are used to evaluate the quality of application code, code coverage is a term to describe what percentage of the application code is exercised when a user is interacting with the application. Test Coverage, on the other hand, is testing every

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5 Emerging QA and Software Testing Trends in Healthcare Digital Applications You Must Know

QA and Software Testing Trends in Healthcare Digital Applications
Healthcare Testing

Posted on : 8:03 pm on 07/05/2018

To provide quality and real-time services to their patients, healthcare professionals require digital applications which are user-friendly, interoperable and accessible anytime and anywhere. The market for digital applications, and for healthcare IT in general, has been rising steadily and is attracting new investments to make healthcare more accessible and data-based. According to research by Markets and Markets, “The global healthcare IT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.9% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2021”. High costs of research and development along with stringent regulations and increasing user demands necessitate a sharp focus on software quality

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Automated Testing: Challenges worth Accepting and Testing

Automated Testing Challenges and Acceptance testing
Agile Testing Regression Testing Test Automation

Posted on : 6:47 pm on 04/09/2017

At the face of it, automation of acceptance testing is a compelling idea but watch out for the caution-areas lying on some fringes Automated tests have defined new frontiers of speed and velocity while bringing quality-related relief for software requirements. They are especially useful when the pace of development needs these aspects: – Super-fast cycles – The GTM (Go-to-Market) window can be suitably reduced – Continuous delivery is relevant – Automation can eke out shrinkage of feedback loops – Impact of comprehensive-requirement-validation is high Software release cycles assume a different momentum altogether when automated tests come into play. The ‘Acceptance’

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Migration from HP UFT to Selenium – What are the Returns?

Blog: twitter-migration-from-hp-to-uft-selenium
Selenium Test Automation

Posted on : 7:11 pm on 30/01/2017

Test Automation has been facilitating enterprises to accelerate the process of testing and realize maximum test coverage. Enterprises have made significant investments over a period of time in buying tools and building test automation suites. As the application landscapes grow more complex with the introduction and expansion of digital systems, the licensing costs for COTS tools become increasingly high to justify the RoI. Nowadays enterprises are progressively inclining towards open source frameworks instead of investing in licensed testing tool, especially for digital applications for which open source tools provide excellent support. Open source tools are loaded with significant features that

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5 reasons for taking the road to Automated Testing

Automation Testing Infographic Test Automation

Posted on : 11:32 am on 26/11/2015

5 reasons for taking the road to Automated Testing. We have listed these top 5 reasons why you should consider automated testing. Read this infographic to know more.

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