Oct 2016

A cooperatively owned wholesale bank selects TestingXperts as Test Automation Advisor

15 Oct 2016

A cooperatively owned wholesale bank, based in Texas, selected TestingXperts to help them develop a test automation roadmap for a portfolio of applications. The client provides agriculture and rural mortgage financing for large and complex agribusiness operations. The client had a complex application portfolio including Microsoft CRM, Outlook, and other custom applications, with the business flows traversing across these applications. The client needed an automation solution which could work across these applications.

TestingXperts offered a consulting engagement to the client to assess their entire portfolio of applications, followed by carrying out an automation proof of concept using potential tools. TestingXperts, with its strong expertise in test automation and all industry leading automation tools, proved to be the partner the client was looking for to address this problem. TestingXperts will be working closely with the client to understand the applications portfolio, automation requirements and designing a long-term automation strategy for the client. TestingXperts will also be doing a proof of concept exercise with MS Coded UI and Smart Bear TestComplete tools to further recommend the most suitable automation tool for the client.

TestingXperts looks forward to driving the client on the automation journey and eventually help them scale up test automation across the enterprise.

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