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Accelerate Digital Transformation by Reinventing Testing

Continuous testing services for accelerating digital transformation
Continuous Testing Digital Testing

Posted on : 7:41 pm on 13/08/2018

It is evident that digital transformation is reinventing business practices. In this digitally-driven era, technological capabilities are continuously improving, and in order to sustain, organizations MUST be innovative and agile as they integrate digital technologies into their business practices. Having a digital transformation strategy in place has become a necessity in order to stay competitive in any market. The evolution from normal business to digital is no easy task as the digital world is changing rapidly and unpredictably. Keeping up the pace can present challenges and leave many uncertain of how to continue. This is where the need for re-inventing

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Testing Strategies to Overcome Digital Disruption in the Banking Sector

QA strategy for Digital Disruption in the Banking Industry
Digital Testing

Posted on : 2:53 pm on 17/07/2017

Digital disruption has been occurring at every level in the banking sector lately. From newer technology to high competition to intensified customer expectations, the banking industry has become increasingly vulnerable. Digital technology, despite its omnipresence, is beginning to penetrate industries. Banks are finding innovative ways to evade the impending risks associated with digital banking. The efficient way to understand and successfully bring the organization from traditional banking to digital banking is by adopting an Omni-Channel approach. Omni-channel is an approach to customer service where all the channels are closely integrated, keeping the customer as the priority. As customers continue to

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Digital Assurance: The Key to Ensuring Optimal Business Growth

Business Growth With Digital Assurance Testing
DevOps QA Digital Testing

Posted on : 8:11 pm on 28/06/2017

The digitization of everything has been disrupting processes, business models, and strategies. Amidst this change, time-to-market, cost, and customer experience are the three constants that are topping the corporate stakeholder agenda. Though their priority order keeps on changing over time, customer experience holds the top most priority these days. These changes in priority and focus are now gradually but certainly rippling into quality assurance (QA). Traditionally, QA was meant to just validate the functionality of the software, hardware or networking components, with no receptiveness to the customer experience. However, in this modern phase, customer experience represents the brand, the company

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Accelerate Digital Transformation with DevOps

Digital Transformation and DevOps
DevOps QA Digital Testing

Posted on : 6:32 pm on 08/05/2017

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way organizations are managing internal processes as well as delivering services to customers. Organizations in this digital age are more agile in adapting to change in order to innovate at the speed of business. As cloud-native enterprises use software to build new business models, disrupt, and digitally transform their respective industries, DevOps is becoming the culture to enable this change. DevOps has helped minimize barrier between developers and operations and made it easier for the applications to be built and deployed quickly for use. While developers focus on building modern solutions with better user experience,

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Telematics Driving Usage-Based Auto Insurance

Digital Testing Test Advisory Services Test Automation

Posted on : 7:40 pm on 22/02/2017

The new age automotive environment is presenting significant challenges for satellite navigation systems. High user demands are conflicting with the need for low-cost systems and complex signal environments. These days GPS positioning is usually accompanied by dead reckoning or additional inertial sensors to improve performance. Telematics: The Perfect Example of Technology Advancement Auto Insurance companies have relied on factors like credit-based insurance scores and the age of the driver to decide premiums as the actual driving behavior was not visible. Changes in the driving patterns took long enough to reflect in the premiums imposed. The arrival of telematics has changed

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The Crucial Role of QA in the Era of Digitalization

Blog: the-era-of-digitalization
Digital Testing

Posted on : 6:31 pm on 06/02/2017

During the last 20 years, the world has seen an exponential growth in the form of digitalization. Digital services and products have become an integral part of our lives. We have started communicating via digital phones, read digital newspapers, watch digital TV, the information we get is mostly via the internet, shopping experience has suddenly transformed as we shop digitally and we have started documenting our lives with social media. There is barely any part of our lives that has not been left untouched by digitalization. Digital innovation has affected a large part of our lives. With digital advances such

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[Infographic] Digital Testing for E-commerce: Deliver Seamless, Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Digital Testing for eCommerce
Black Friday Testing Digital Testing Infographic Mobile Testing Performance Testing Usability Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 21/11/2016

The E-commerce industry always demands innovation and exclusivity to draw the attention of the customers. Today’s digital consumers want all the services available to them at the click of a button and enterprises are feeding their ever-growing demands. Rolling out a customized experience to the users at rapid pace beating competition is the need of the hour to keep your business growing. The quality of your e-commerce applications plays a key role in the end user experience, and even minor issues can impact the sales volumes. The infographic displays the challenges faced by this industry and how to overcome the

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