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Why GDPR Training is a MUST for Software Developers and Testers- Infographic

GDPR Compliant Training for Software Developers & Testers
GDPR Compliance Testing

Posted on : 4:58 pm on 18/05/2018

With the GDPR finish line set for 25 May 2018, companies are barely left with few days to comply with new requirements for EU data protection. As digital business inflates and customers increase their online activities, privacy protection and security is more important than ever. Enterprises that can better respond to the requirements of GDPR, and can do this before their competitors, have an incredible opportunity to build more trust among customers and build a positive business reputation. This new regulation will also have a serious impact on development and testing of new systems, creating a roadblock in the process

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Proven Approach for Testing Mobile Point of Sales Solutions

Automating Point of Sale (POS) Testing Services
POS Testing

Posted on : 9:02 pm on 15/05/2018

A point of sales (POS) system is at the hub of every retail business and is a large technology investment. An efficient POS software package increases productivity by reducing unnecessary work and managing the entire business. However, as technology is improvising day by day, POS systems are also evolving with technology. As omnichannel initiatives are grabbing the attention, retailers are deploying shopping initiatives mobile POS, such as click-n-collect across mobile and other digital channels. These are innovative ways to provide mobility and freedom to the customers and keep the cash register ticking. However, along with these demand creation opportunities with

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5 Emerging QA and Software Testing Trends in Healthcare Digital Applications You Must Know

QA and Software Testing Trends in Healthcare Digital Applications
Healthcare Testing

Posted on : 8:03 pm on 07/05/2018

To provide quality and real-time services to their patients, healthcare professionals require digital applications which are user-friendly, interoperable and accessible anytime and anywhere. The market for digital applications, and for healthcare IT in general, has been rising steadily and is attracting new investments to make healthcare more accessible and data-based. According to research by Markets and Markets, “The global healthcare IT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.9% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2021”. High costs of research and development along with stringent regulations and increasing user demands necessitate a sharp focus on software quality

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4 Major Benefits of Software Testing in the Healthcare Industry

Benefits of Software Testing in the Healthcare Industry
Big Data Testing Security Testing Software Testing Usability Testing

Posted on : 5:49 pm on 16/10/2017

With the growing demand for regulatory compliance, interoperability and the end-user technology compliance, the healthcare industry has witnessed major changes in the last few years. Technology has been the major transformation point in this industry, wherein applications are being created to deliver quick service anytime anywhere. Digitalization, being one of the major revolutions seen by this industry, has been helping experts to deliver their services even from a distance. The growing number of healthcare products, such as wearables and the applications associated with them, have created a huge market and had a remarkable effect on the economy. In fact, over

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Significance of Big Data Testing in 2017-Infographic

Big Data Testing Infographic
Big Data Testing Infographic

Posted on : 8:05 pm on 29/06/2017

Over the last few decades, the world has experienced extensive availability of data, and this exponential growth has been described as ‘Big Data.’ It is a term used to broadly classify the complex and large data sets where data processing applications are considered insufficient. The evolution of big data has been extraordinary, but it has led to the rise of bad data as well. In this infographic, we will discuss the importance of Big Data Testing in 2017. Download this Infographic in PDF

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