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5 Key Benefits Of Agile Coaching Every Enterprise MUST Know- Infographic

Agile Testing Methodology & Coaching

Posted on : 8:24 pm on 12/09/2018

The transition to agile impacts an entire organization and comes with its own set of challenges. When an organization or just a team transform from their existing way of working to Agile practices, the complexity of the transformation can be overwhelming at times. With extensive Agile coaching, an organization’s product development agility can be improved. In this infographic, we will discuss the 5 key benefits of Agile coaching that enterprises may have never considered.  Download this infographic here

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Shift Left and Shift Right Testing Approach for Quality & Agility

Shift Left and Shift Right Software Testing Approach for Quality & Agility
Agile Testing DevOps QA

Posted on : 7:47 pm on 21/08/2017

In a quest to achieve quicker delivery of software, organizations are increasingly adopting Agile development model. However, to maximize the benefits of Agile software development, testing should be executed simultaneously with development. For this reason, organizations have been adopting DevOps for the last couple of years. The adoption of DevOps has helped teams to collaborate more, and implement practices such as ‘Shift-Left’ and ‘Shift Right’ testing. These practices are helping enterprises in building quality right from the beginning of the project. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of ‘shift left’ and ‘shift right’ testing approaches to ensure quality

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The Crucial Role of Service Virtualization for Continuous Delivery

blog: Service Virtualization and Continuous Delivery
Agile Testing Containers DevOps QA

Posted on : 7:38 pm on 31/05/2017

Our current software development and testing landscape require the elimination of each and every bottleneck present. If there is something along the regular development lifecycle that can be tweaked and moved for achieving greater quality and speed, it is a no-brainer to make that move. If you are looking to remove all these constraints, service virtualization should be your choice in 2017. With service virtualization, both developers and testers can create simulated instances of production environments to develop and test. Being part of a team that is following DevOps or Agile principles, delivering applications and updates as rapidly as possible

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Dissipating the Delusions around Continuous Testing [INFOGRAPHIC]

continuous testing myths
Agile Testing Continuous Testing DevOps QA Infographic

Posted on : 7:52 pm on 24/04/2017

The changing roles of testers and developers and the need for a cultural shift adoption of Agile and DevOps practices are impacting all teams in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including QA & testing. In this changing and challenging phase, every organization is scouting for innovative, yet proven ways of working that will help their teams work in a seamless manner. Continuous Testing, being the popular and the most reliable method has proved to play a key in addressing these new challenges and produce the most reliable product. Continuous testing involves implementing automated tests as part of effective software delivery

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Enable Continuous Testing with Shift Left and Shift Right Approach

Blog: Continuous Testing with Shift Left & Shift Right Approach
Agile Testing Continuous Testing DevOps QA

Posted on : 7:21 pm on 28/02/2017

Gone are the times when testing was considered a separate process and was carried out post development of the application. The present day business process requires a faster, steadier and better IT performance. The introduction of advanced and new methodologies of software models such as DevOps have allowed testers to display their presence and apply their earnest efforts towards quality achievement in a software application, right from its inception. Besides, it is also significant to mention that regardless of the vigorous and continuous testing efforts created right from the beginning of the development stage till the production, and it is

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Ensure Continuous Delivery in Agile Testing Cycles with Test Automation

Blog: Ensure-continuous-delivery-in-agile-testing-cycles-with-test-automation
Agile Testing Test Automation

Posted on : 1:51 pm on 18/01/2017

Quality @ speed is what every enterprise strives for these days. With increasing business demands to accelerate time-to-market, more and more companies have started migrating from traditional development methods to continuous delivery that are based on agile philosophy. This modern approach allows software to be developed and deployed in short cycles. Companies are rapidly embracing agile practices to accelerate the application delivery to cope with the strict demands of the market. The modern landscape of software testing not only focuses on speedy delivery but also necessitates quality. It becomes imperative for the companies to follow a continuous schedule that encourages

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Why adopt Test Automation in Agile Testing?

Test Automation Blog
Agile Testing Automation Testing DevOps QA Test Automation

Posted on : 1:22 pm on 05/08/2016

The popular idiom, ‘Being an early bird is better than being a night owl’, is taken quite literally in today’s digital era. The ever-rising trend of digital transformation coupled with the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices has mandated organizations to find extensive ways to meet faster delivery cycles and achieve better business results. It has become critical to detect defects, which arises due to continuous changes being introduced during agile development, early on in the development cycle. Hence, organizations are migrating towards test automation to ensure thorough and continuous testing of applications. Automation, in any arena, increases productivity and reduces cost.

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